Perishables Maintenance in Retail Merchandising

Perishables Maintenance in Retail Merchandising

Perishable maintenance in retail merchandising is basically utilizing techniques and strategies of retail merchandising to sell the limited shelf life products.

So what are actually perishable products?

The perishable definition generally revolves around the items in retail stores that have low shelf lives and have to be sold within a given period.

Perishable meaning the products that require special storing conditions for them to maintain their conditions, otherwise they will lose their market value.

Problems and issues with perishables  

The issue with perishable goods is that such products tend to decrease in their market and sale value as time passes. With this deterioration the chances of inventory being lost also increase. Due to their short shelf life, perishable goods can only be bought, stocked, and sold by a company for a limited period before they lose their value.

Inventory of perishable goods must be set up in such a way that, it sells off its stock before it becomes unsaleable.

Retail Merchandising

Retail merchandising is a technique of marketing products in retail stores by utilizing strategies that encourage customers to purchase products from them. In smaller setups, these duties are performed by store owners themselves, however,

many retail companies invest in merchandising solutions to sell and market these products within a viable range.

The following are the activities that are involved in Retail Merchandising;

  • Market research to determine what products customers want
  • Purchasing goods to meet the demand of customers
  • Product placement in specific areas to attract customers’ attention
  • Creating in-store and window displays
  • Putting products together to make it easier for customers to shop
  • Making a visually compelling, perfectly clean store
  • Planning the store layout to provide a positive customer experience

Ways to utilize Retail Merchandising for maintenance of perishable items

Perishable maintenance in retail merchandising plays an essential part in the store’s marketing and sales plan. Effective methods of retail merchandising can contribute to these plans in the following ways.

  1. Successful perishable maintenance contributes to the encouragement of customers to buy more items from the store. For example rotation of items from shelves in a way as to make them more visible to customers while maintaining their integrity.
  2. If you are presenting your products in a way desirable and attractive to customers, then your marketing retail merchandising strategy needs an upgrade. Setting up shelves to be more prominent helps maintain perishable items by increasing their sales rate.
  3. At the point of sale, 70% of purchases are impulsive. Retail merchandising has the potential to bring in new customers. Potential customers are more likely to enter a store if they see visually appealing window displays.
  4. When arranging shelves, the thing that plays the most significant role for perishables is the placement of products. If it is easier for customers to find these products, they wouldn’t shift to some other brand or location. This perishable maintenance strategy also contributes to the loyalty of customers.

Tips for successful retail merchandising of perishable goods

Following are some tips that can help successfully implement a retail merchandising strategy at any retail store. 

Getting Feedback

Feedback is proven to be an extremely effective way to observe trends in customers’ mindsets. With these, you can understand customers’ expectations and ratings on the in-store setups and placements. This feedback can also be utilized to make further changes and adjustments in the future.

Product Sampling

Depending upon your product category, you can let consumers test some samples of your product to increase interest and sales. For example, to entice customers, a grocery store might provide tasting samples of a new milk product.

Consider engaging all senses

When designing the layout, consider the engagement of all senses; sense, smell, taste, and sight. For instance, merchandisers often utilize attractive color schemes and arrangement patterns to attract consumers toward perishable products.

Track Strategies

Consider tracking each retail merchandising strategy to see how effective it is for perishable maintainability. This step will assist you in developing strategies for future merchandising.

Best retail merchandising companies in Dubai for perishable goods

Rhapsody Merchandising –One of the leading companies in Dubai, providing services in merchandising for 14 years. Their services involve offering tailored merchandising solutions for retail execution.

With specialization in product cut-ins, new store/remodeling, maintenance reports, data management, labeling, and product placement analyses, Rhapsody is truly one of the most trusted and versatile companies in Dubai to rely on for retail merchandising and perishable maintenance.

Their unique strategies and expert solutions through field managers and trained merchandisers deliver support and in-store services, as well as product execution and management. 

Significance of utilizing a retail merchandising company for perishable maintenance

Hiring an experienced merchandising company that handles critical compartments has the potential of doubling the sale value for your stores. From the time a product is delivered to the store until a customer takes it off the shelf, merchandisers are in charge of everything that happens throughout the process. They monitor product availability and visual appeal in stores across their designated geographic area.

This improvement in the maintenance of perishables through retail merchandising will potentially limit the waste-product ratio and improve the overall sale.

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