The impact of retail merchandising on store sales

The impact of retail merchandising on store sales

Online shopping is undoubtedly a new trend, but we cannot deny the importance of brick-and-mortar stores. According to a survey, 40% of people worldwide shop at a physical store once a week. Moreover, 65% of people prefer in-store purchases over online shopping. It’s understandable because most of us need a sample before buying to satisfy our subconsciousness. Nowadays, you can find brands on every corner, but how do you decide where to buy? Here lies the real challenge for businesses. How can they attract customers and make their brand stand out from the crowd of competitors?  Brands use various marketing and merchandising techniques to stand out and increase their sales. A  merchandising strategy on which we will throw light today is retail merchandising.

Retail merchandising

Picture this you are passing by your favorite clothing brand and have this sudden urge to go inside. That sudden urge is due to retail merchandising. From lighting to product placement, everything falls under retail merchandising. Through this technique, brands psychologically convince customers to buy more and more products. Comfortable surroundings encourage people to shop more. Now, would you want to shop somewhere under the scrutiny of a staff member or where you are left alone? We all want our privacy, and brands use this as their strength.

How to use retail merchandising to your benefit

Businesses use retail merchandising to drive sales and increase brand awareness. Various aspects are considered in this category to provide customers with good products and a good time. We will discuss some of its vital components below. 

Product choice

Brands stay alert about market trends and change accordingly to compete with their rivals. In an era of LEDs, no one would want a box TV, and any wise businessman would know that. Brands choose products that have high customer demand and can generate profits. 

Store Navigation

Nobody likes to shop in a maze. The layout and design of the store impact customers’ moods, and a comfortable environment guarantee more shopping. Signage boards and maps of the store help customers locate different sections on their own. Wouldn’t you love to visit a store regularly that is as easy as the back of your hand? 

Placement of promotional products

The tactical placement of promotional products works like a charm. Placing promotional products at the front of the store where they are visible from afar helps lure customers. Placing price tags on different items facilitates customers in making a decision. 

Keeping the inventory stocked

What a bitter experience would be if you go to buy your favorite product, but it’s not available currently. Business persons know the power of inventory and try to maintain a smooth flow of products from the warehouse to the store. The in-store staff should remain alert at all times to avoid any inconvenience. 

Customer Assistance

Sometimes buyers are torn between two products and need an outside opinion. The store staff plays a crucial role in guiding the customers in the gentlest possible way. Brands should encourage mandatory training before staff placements to ensure discipline. One bitter encounter can leave lasting impressions on customers’ minds, and I am sure you don’t want that for your business. 

Eye-catching Displays

Customers can see displays from afar, and beautiful signage and displays invite consumers into the store. Flashy sale displays and new arrival banners entice customers to spend a penny now and then. 

Eye-catching Displays

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